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What We Do

We can tackle any area of your home that needs attention. Maybe you feel choked by the sheer volume of paper in what used to be your office. Perhaps you are a frustrated cook who wants to reclaim your kitchen. Maybe you have recently consolidated households, and have twice as much as you need. It could be that you just need to clear the decks and your mind! We are here to help.

We can also collaborate on the exterior of your home! Is there an area of your garden or yard that is looking forlorn or neglected? Your Corner of the World is committed to creating harmony on both sides of your door.

Our Approach

We will begin by using what you've probably already got around the house. Many of us have made organizing purchases in the past with the best of intentions; now they are just more clutter. Using these "found" items, we'll save you money and transform your clutter into order.

Speaking of saving money: after just two hours with one client, we found well over $100.00 in cash buried in the clutter of her desk and dresser tops! Another woman found a $100 bill mixed in with the receipts she was about to toss. The same client found both business and personal checks written to her and her family, totaling nearly $1,800. While I cannot guarantee that we will find anything close to this, won't it be fun to find out?

We can set up a bill-paying center for you; lost bills and late fees can be a thing of the past. Even if we don't find checks and cash in your clutter, we can stop some major money leaks!

I bring the experience of my own difficulties with getting and staying organized to my non-judgmental approach. I can relate, and therefore recognize the pitfalls, patterns of thinking, and false starts of the would-be organized person. The individual might feel embarrassed, even ashamed, of the chaos and mess her environment has become. The organizer thinks of solutions and how we can have fun (why not?!) achieving them.

One woman we spoke with was too embarrassed by her home to hire a babysitter so she could leave the house for work or play. Another would no longer invite her cherished friends over for dinner parties because her apartment had gotten so out of hand.

Being disorganized can be very isolating, even paralyzing; taking back control of your environment is liberating. By cultivating and nurturing your corner of the world, you will reap many satisfying benefits!